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Keeping you informed

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We believe strongly in keeping residents, families and staff informed every step of the way.  Some of what you can expect when moving into Lombard Manor:

After Move In:  30 Day Care Conference

We will invite you and your family to a meeting approximately 4-8 weeks after you first move in.  This meeting is an opportunity to ask questions, 

Annual Care Conference:

We would like to meet with you once a year (or more if you would like) to discuss your stay here at Lombard Manor.  We want to ensure your comfort and needs are being met.  You are welcome to call a care conference anytime by speaking to the General Manager or we will touch base once per year.   

Monthly Newsletter for Residents & Families

We publish a regular newsletter that keeps residents and families informed with residence news, upcoming activities etc..

Facebook Page

We regularly post activities and updated on a day-to-day basis on our facebook page.  We invite you to join by clicking/liking the link below.

Lombard Manor Facebook

Resident Council

Residents are permitted and encourage to develop and facilitate a Resident Council.  These meetings are typically ran monthly.  The General Manager can provide more information about this group.

Food for Thought Meetings

Once a quarter we will invite residents to a Food for Thought Meeting.  This is an opportunity to voice feedback and provide suggestion regarding menu's, meals ant more..

Suggestion Box

For those who wish to provide autonomous feedback, we have a suggestion box available for your confidential feedback.  The suggestion box is located by the elevator on the main floor.  

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