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  • Is Lombard Manor only for Independent Seniors?
    The beauty of Lombard Manor is that we offer a continuum of care. Seniors often come to us for the assistance of having their meals prepared and having us manage the homemaking tasks such as housekeeping and laundry. As well as having us conveniently manage their medications by administering them at perscribed times throughout the day. This can also include monitoring blood sugar, blood pressure and weight management. Our wellness team also does regular visual wellness checks throughout the day and overnight to ensure everone's safety and security. As physical or cognitive needs change we can introduce some assisted living services such as: - Assistance bathing - Assistance dressing - Morning and evening support with getting going for the day and getting ready for bed. - Personal hygiene support - Assistance with transfers (1 x assist) - Assistance with incontinence and bathroom routines - Cueing, portering and gentle persuation. - We also offer palliative care Our goal is to develop a plan of care that supports your current needs and preferences with your future needs in mind. With that said, we are are not a secure building for memory care. While we can support mild-moderate dementia, should someone become exit seeking they may have to relocate to a long term care facility.
  • How much does Lombard Manor cost and what is included?
    The rates vary according to size, location and services. The average rental rate is $1995-2250 for independent supported living. There are a small handful of private suites at $1750- 1895. Included in your monthly occupancy fee is - 3 home-cooked meals served in our dining room daily. - Refreshments and snacks troughout the day - Weekly housekeeping - Weekly laundry of linens, towels and weekly bed change - Weekly laundry (wash and fold) of personal items - Minimum 2 staff onsite 24/7 - Medication administration & pharmacy service - Wellness check and vital monitoring - Overnight checks - Activities, events and programs - Visiting Nurse Practicioner accepting new patients from Country Roads Health Centre Assisted Living services also available.
  • Are there any subsidies offered at Lombard Manor?
    Unfortunately no. Senior's housing subsidies are offered by the social housing registry through Leeds Grenville Social Housing Registry. However: The LHIN can provide funded personal support services that might offset your personal support needs. Give Amy a call and she can walk you through some options.
  • Is there a waiting list?
    We have three different sizes of suites and from time to time we have a waiting list on certain styles and price points of accommodations. If you are thinking of making a move in the next 6-12 months, we highly suggest putting your name on our list. This will make sure you have first right of refusal as accommodations open up.
  • Should I be worried about COVID-19?
    The answer is Yes and No. We should all be cautious about COVID-19. However, everyone at Lombard Manor has now been vaccinated. Anyone who move's in is prioritized to get either their first or second dose quickly. Our staff also all have their 1st dose of the Pfizer Vaccine with most receiving their second in June 2021. We remain vigalent with cleaning, IPAC and following all of the Ministry guidelines. The benefit of being at Lombard Manor is that we are together. You are safe, well taken care of and supported together.
  • What types of accommodations do you have?
    Lombard Manor is a unique building but generally the suites are rather large with big bright windows. The suites range in size from small, medium and large. We have 18 suites with exterior balcony access, which is wonderful in the summer months. Many residents enjoy sitting outside and visiting with other residents.
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